A mysteriously missing ship in the Bermuda triangle in 1925 found


After leaving Charleston, South Carolina, on November 29, 1925, the SS Cotopaxi was unable to reach its final destination. Almost 100 years after its mysterious disappearance, underwater archaeologists have found the wreck near the coast of Florida thanks to the localization of distress signals.

A team of explorers and underwater archaeologists have found the SS Cotopaxi, which disappeared 95 years ago in the Bermuda Triangle, Fox News reports.

The ship left the port of Charleston on November 29, 1925 for Cuba. But it never reached its destination. Neither the accident site nor the bodies of the 32 people on board had been found.

Trying to unravel the mystery of this sinking, the researchers studied several archives thanks to which they were able to identify distress signals and a position dated December 1, 1925, two days after his departure from Charleston.

They located these distress signals some 35 nautical miles (about 65 km) from the coast of Saint Augustine, Florida.

A wreck already found?

The team went to the scene where they found a wreck locally known as the Bear Wreck, which was found almost 35 years ago.
After assessing all the information available, the team was convinced that the wreck of the Bear Wreck was that of the Cotopaxi, explains the American television channel Science Channel.

This information was also shared with Douglas Myers, grandson of the captain of Cotopaxi, Captain William J. Myers, at his home in Long Island, New York.

“Myers agreed that the team had finally located the ship of his grandfather who had disappeared almost 100 years ago,” reports Science Channel.


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