A huge archaeological discovery in Egypt that includes tombs, mummies and statues


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Egypt announced its first archaeological finds for the year 2020, today, Thursday, in Minya Governorate in the upper part of the country, which included a group of tombs, mummies, coffins and funeral furniture.

Quotes newspaper The Egyptian “Al-Ahram” Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Khaled Al-Anani, said: “Today we announce the first archaeological excavations of 2020 in Tuna Al-Jabal, after announcing 4 new discoveries since 2018.

In his statements, the minister continued:

This is the third season of the work of the expedition, during which 16 tombs with 20 coffins of various shapes and sizes, including 5 limestone coffins, were designed in the form of human and inscribed with hieroglyphic inscriptions.

The revelation also included 5 wooden coffins in good condition, some of which are engraved with the names of their owners, such as the “free” sarcophagus, the “Jehuti Air DS” sarcophagus, and the “free and Ga” sarcophagus, in addition to more than 10 thousand statues made of blue and green vanes.


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