48 HOURS: From rough construction to a modernly equipped hospital (VIDEO + PHOTOS)


The new 1,000-bed hospital has been equipped for just 48 hours and has already admitted patients to the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus epidemic, last night.


Dabi Regional Mountain Medical Center, scheduled to open in May, opened its doors at 10:30 pm local time last night. More than 500 builders, electricians and police officers worked around the clock to equip the premises of the large complex.

It is interesting to note that this is not a hospital that China is building and has a six-day delivery time.

Local authorities announced on Friday that the building, which was built but completely empty and unfurnished, would be turned into a clinic for coronavirus patients. By Saturday, work had already started, and last night the brand new clinic already had running water, electricity and internet.


In Wuhan itself, another 1000-bed hospital is expected to be opened on Sunday, which will take 9 days to build. A total of 4 clinics are being built at a rate known only in China, using prefabricated panel structures.

The construction of the new hospital, which runs 24 hours a day, began on January 25th and will end on February 1st. Patients will be officially admitted by the 3rd. 1500 workers are involved day and night in the construction of the 25,000-square-foot building.

Two Bulgarians under observation at hospital for coronavirus risk

Where did China’s experience come from?

In 2003. China builds Xiaotangshan Hospital with 6,000 beds within 6 days. The first sod was made on April 23, the same year, and on the 29th the medical establishment had discovered and was already receiving patients suffering from the then prevalent SARS virus.

The hospital, with a capacity of 1,000 beds and 1,383 medics, receives 680 patients suffering from the SARS virus, 672 of whom have been cured.

China and Russia are developing a coronavirus vaccine

What’s new in Wuhan?

A video has become popular on social media to hear and see residents of Chinese Wuhan singing songs from their apartments and terraces in support of all those fighting the coronavirus. In doing so, they believe they will lift people’s spirits – 11 million residents of the city remain trapped after being warned not to leave their homes.

Another shot also caught the attention of internet users and touched the web.

Liu Yun is a member of the medical team who travels to Wuhan province to fight the coronavirus. A photo taken by photographer Wang Fei shows a goodbye moment between Yoon and his half.

Locals are forced to use various precautions to avoid becoming ill. We have seen a lot of ideas in Wuhan footage in recent days. Here is one of the last hours:


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