When the pace of demand in Indian economy stops, how will the wheel of economy turn


  • Nidhi Rai
  • BBC News

Corona infection has left the entire economy of India, including India, hanging upside down. According to a report by the World Bank, among the emerging economies which have suffered the worst of corona infection, India is second. At the same time, Oxford Economics believes that the economy that has affected Corona the most is India.

However, the debate is not whether India is at number one or second in the economies that have been hit by the Corona infection, but the question is, how did this bad condition of our economy end? How did the economy reach this abyss?

The short answer to this could be that the economy collapsed due to the corona infection and then the longest and most stringent lockdown imposed due to it and then the subsequent halt to economic activity.

But is Kovid-19 the only reason for this economic plight?


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