When Salman Said He Didn’t Regret Confessing His Love To A Girl


When will superstar Salman Khan get married? This is a question that their fans ask every year, but no one has the answer. However, do you know that Salman liked a girl very much as a child, but Salman could not tell her his heart.

According to Salman, if he had told his heart to the girl on that day, he would have become a grandfather today. During Bigg Boss 13, Salman himself narrated this anecdote during a fun game played with Ajay Devgan and Kajol. According to Salman, the girl’s dog bitten him. Salman further states that, ‘I really liked him but could never say for fear of rejections’. According to Salman, three of his friends had also had an affair with that girl and they came to know that much later that girl also liked him.

Salman Khan said- 'If the girl who wanted to propose her, she would have become a grandfather today.

Recalling this entire incident, Salman starts laughing and says, ‘Exactly after 15-20 years, I met the same girl again, she had become a grandmother, she told me – my grandchildren are your fans, they give you films. Like ‘. Salman further says that he did well by not saying his heart to that girl, otherwise today he too would have become a grandfather.


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