Voice is raising for this female activist in Saudi jail


In Saudi Arabia, during the reign of Prince Prince Salman (Saudi Prince Mohd Bin Salman), women’s rights activist Lojan Al Hathol has been subjected to inhuman treatment for the last few years. Recently, News18 told you how Loujain was made a victim of oppression and torture (Loujain Al-Hathloul Sentenced as Terrorist) to fight for the rights. According to the latest news, there is now a voice from many parts of the world in support of the release of this female activist and many reputed people have expressed their anger against the attitude of Saudi Arabia (Anger Against Saudi Arabia). You will also tell how in the past the world has also advocated the Nobel Prize for Peace in support of Lozain.

First of all, know that according to law and system in Saudi Arabia, women were the biggest victims of gender discrimination. When Lozan raised his voice against such a system, there were two consequences, one is that some rules and regulations have changed in this Middle East country and second, that Lozain had to pay the price. That is, they had to face the threat of arrest, detention, threats, harassment, even sexual exploitation and murder. Recently, a Saudi court sentenced him to six years of imprisonment, calling him a terrorist. This decision has caused worldwide commotion.

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Does Saudi not have human rights?

There were reports that Lozan was kidnapped in a way and sentenced to death by running a false case against him. Many experts from the United Nations, Human Rights Watch and Human Rights called the decision ‘rubbish’ and ‘scandalous’ and alleged that Saudi’s royal family is under suspicion. It is also important to note that Lozan’s sister Leena is constantly raising her voice against the oppressive approach that is happening to her. From social media to politics, she is gathering support for Lozain.

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It is also being said that while in captivity against the atrocities, Lozain even went on hunger strike, but the court ignored all the things and gave a clean chit to Lozan, other activists and all the officials who oppressed Lozan’s family. On the one hand, women are taking to the streets against the Saudi administration and women bike rally was done, on the other hand, many countries raised voice in this whole matter.

Which countries raised voice against Saudi?
In the voices raised for Lozain’s release and justice, he talks about America first. Jake Sullivan, the security adviser to newly elected President Joe Biden, described the punishment given to Lozain as ‘against justice’ and spoke of standing up for human rights.

Biden’s adviser Sullivan tweeted in support of Lozen.

Paris Mayor Ann Hidalgo demanded the immediate release of Lozain. The Belgian Foreign Ministry expressed support for Lozain by calling for his early release. German MP Barbell Köffler issued a full statement resenting and opposing Saudi Arabia’s attitude. Despite the international pressure on Saudi Arabia, there is currently no news that Lozain is being considered for release.

Nobel’s demand for Lozain
In October 2020, there were reports that an International Rights Committee of France proposed in favor of giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Lozain. Earlier, in February 2020, 8 members of the US Congress were nominated for the Nobel. When Greta Thinberg was demanding Nobel, at the same time, voices were also raising for Lozanne. Canada’s NDP nominated Lozain for the 2019 Nobel Prize.

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Apart from this, many other organizations were also in favor of the Peace Prize to Lozan because Lozain has been paying huge price for the last few years to change the situation of women in Saudi. His efforts also brought color. The change portal also issued a petition to Lozan in support of Nobel last year. Amidst all this news, is there no louse creeping on the ears of the Saudi system?

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Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia.

What is Saudi’s move and world trend?
The US media has said that the strategy of Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi was such that in order to pacify the activists and the West, some laws were changed in the country to provide some rights to women, but anger was also removed on the activists . But it has been said that now this bet can be turned upside down because now activists have become more enraged and are seeking more change.

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America has a clear view that the Prince of Saudi will have to find better ways and that too soon. If not, then the result can be that the Biden administration pulls out every help for these ‘Satyashi’ policies of Saudi against women activists. If America pulls out, then Saudi will have to lose many more friends.


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