VIDEO: The Great Khali’s Bullet Riding on Raw Road, Fans Storm Response to Video


Mumbai : The Great Khali, who gained worldwide fame through WWE, is back in the spotlight. This time, he is not in the news for wrestling, but for a video that has gone viral on social media. In this video, Khali is seen driving a bullet on a dirt road. This video is taking the storm viral on social media. Khali fans love this video (The Great Khali Ride bullet).

The Great Khali has become famous all over the world through WWE. Apart from this, Khali has also appeared in many films. Khali has fans not only in India but in various countries around the world (The Great Khali Ride bullet).

Khali is hugely active on social media. He recently shared a video on social media. This video shows Khali firing a bullet. Initially Khali sits on the bullet. He then puts the jacket on his head and then starts the car.

Khali’s height is up to seven feet. So in front of Khalis, this bullet feels like a toy. Since Khali’s legs are long, he sits differently on the bullet. His video is going viral on social media. Many people like that video. Many fans are also commenting on the video.

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