Varun Dhawan’s wedding pay, will pay you, goes viral on social media – Marathi News | Varun Dhawan shares a glimpse of his Haldi ceremony!


Celebrity congregations always interact with their fans through social media. From the promotion of his movies on social media, he is sharing information about his own life on celebrity social media. Through social media, the artist community shares some pleasant and special moments of their lives with the audience.

Varun Dhawan is also very active on social media. Varun Dhawan has made a fresh start in his life by getting married. The wedding was very private. Strict security was in place to prevent photos from being leaked.

Even the use of mobiles was banned. Late last night, Varun and Natasha officially shared some wedding photos on their account. Besides, after the wedding, Varun and Natasha came out and posed for the media. Sweets, laddu were distributed to the media standing outside. This time everyone showered good wishes on Varun and Natasha.

All the updates were going viral on social media from the time they got married until they got married. Right now, when you look at social media, you can see his wedding photos. In all this, this photo of him flaunting his toned body in a yellow ceremony has caught the attention of the fans. Seeing this toned body, this photo of him is getting a shower of likes and comments from his fans. His toned body is bound to injure anyone.

Who would call her a new bride? Netizens were disappointed to see Varun Dhawan’s ‘Brides’

After the wedding, both Varun and Natasha came out of the resort to pose for the media. Seeing Natasha’s look this time, many users commented. The two of them don’t feel ‘just married’. It’s as if they’re going to someone’s wedding, wrote one user. Many say Natasha doesn’t look like a new bride. Seeing Natasha’s chosen dress and her jewelry for the biggest moment of her life like a wedding, many put their finger on her bad choice. Some users even tried to troll Natasha by writing that she looks bigger than Natasha Varun.

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Web Title: Varun Dhawan shares a glimpse of his Haldi ceremony !

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