US: President Biden Signs Burst Of COVID-19 Orders, Requires Masks For Travel


Washington: The US could enter the most difficult and deadly round of the Corona virus epidemic, with President Joe Biden calling for a national to increase its use, including vaccination and screening, the reopening of schools and business establishments, and the need to wear masks during travel The strategy is presented.

Biden will also remove inequality among the minority communities badly affected by the epidemic, as he has signed 10 epidemic mandates on the second day of his term as president. White House official Jeff Giants said, “We need to ask almost all Americans to contribute.” A coordinated nationwide effort will be needed to defeat the virus.

Four million people died due to epidemic in America

Biden acknowledged the urgency of the campaign against the pandemic, saying, “We are entering a time that could be the most difficult and most deadly period of the virus.” Said this in the memory of more than four lakh people before appealing to keep silence for a few moments.

People coming from abroad have to show Kovid negative report

Guidelines for wearing masks for travel are being implemented by Biden. This will apply in airports, aircraft, ships, intercity buses, trains and public transport. Travelers coming from abroad must present a negative report of Kovid-19 before leaving for America and will be set aside for a few days upon arrival. Biden has given orders to wear masks in federal offices. The wearing of masks was kept optional during Trump administration.

At the same time, Dr. Anthony Fauchi, Biden’s top medical advisor on Kovid-19, has said that the President will issue an order regarding providing, screening and treatment of Kovid-19 vaccine all over the world. Fauchi also said that the US would stop the process of American staff cuts at the World Health Organization (WHO) and fulfill its financial obligations to the organization. Significantly, the WHO had to face a lot of criticism from the Trump administration.

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