US China Tension | US China South China Sea Conflict Latest Update; Joe Biden on President Xi Jinping | America said – our duty to protect friendly countries in the South China Sea; Preparations to deal with China


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  • US China Tension | US China South China Sea Conflict Latest Update; Joe Biden On President Xi Jinping

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Washington4 hours ago

The photo is of Theodore Roosevelt, an American Warship stationed in South China Sea. Countries like Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam come to this area. To help them, the US has deployed Roosevelt here. (File)

Donald Trump was the President of the US until 10 days ago. During his tenure, relations between the US and China were always tense. Even now, Biden has become president, even then the situation does not seem to change. The United States and China’s Navy have become face-to-face in the South China Sea. This is the second time in 6 months when the warships of China and America are face to face in this area.

America is cautious on this action of China. On Thursday, he said – It is our duty to protect the friendly countries present in this area. On Friday, we have an eye on what China is doing with Taiwan. However, there is no immediate risk of a confrontation.

Message via USS Roosevelt
After Biden took over, China probably flew fighter jets over the South China Sea and Taiwan to learn about America’s reaction. His warship is already stationed here. The US deployed one of its most advanced warships, the USS Roosevelt, to the South China Sea without delay. Since then, tension has increased in this area. There are 14 fighter jets and 21 helicopters of the American Navy on this warship. Not only this, it is also an important weapon of the nuclear war fair. China does not have the answer.

No intention of collision
The US Department of Defense is not ready to speak much on the situation in South China Sea. The Pentagon said in a statement – We reject the possibility of a confrontation. Our Theodore Roosevelt Career Strike Group is present there. Every move of the Chinese military is being closely monitored. We do not think they will pose any difficulty for the US Army.

China’s hostility from every country
China wants to seize the South China Sea by force. He has a quarrel and tension with every country present here. It is trying to suppress Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam through its Navy and Airforce. During Trump’s time, the US had made it clear that attacking any country in this area would be considered as an attack on the United States. Trump said in the first week of November – an attack on any country in the region would be considered an attack on America and would be responded to accordingly.


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