UK Covid variants reach 70 countries and South African strains reach 31 countries: WHO – UK Kovid variants reach 70 countries and South African strains reach 31 countries: WHO


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The World Health Organization said on Wednesday that the new strain of Covid-19, which has a high rate of infection, is spreading in more than 1 dozen countries. The United Nations health agency said in its latest epidemiological report that the strain of the more infectious covid-19, which was first found in Britain on 25 January, has so far spread to 70 countries in the world. The report said the new Variant known as VOC 202012/01. The virus has become more rapidly infected by pre-existing types. And in the last one week, it has also reached 10 new countries.

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It has also been said by WHO that the new strain of virus previously found in South Africa has now reached 31 countries. It has also reached eight new countries in the last one week. Serious concerns have been raised about it that the risk of reinfection has increased in this variant. And it can also hamper the effectiveness of the increasing number of Kovid-19 vaccines coming on the market.

The report also noted that studies by the US biotechnology firm Moderna indicated that the vaccine may possibly be less effective than the variants, with “neutralizing titrating remained above the level expected to be protective.” The WHO has said that the third version of the virus, first discovered in Brazil, has now reached eight countries, which was in only two countries a week ago. That version called P1 has also raised concerns. It may also be more contagious or cause severe disease progression. WHO has stated that further studies may be required if these new variants result in changes in transmitting capacity, severity, or antibody neutralizing activity.



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