Traffic diverted at Anand Vihar due to route divert


Jagran Correspondent, East Delhi: Due to farmer agitation on Delhi-Meerut Expressway on Saturday morning, Delhi Traffic Police closed all the lanes and diverted the route. Traffic was disrupted in areas around Ghazipur due to route diversion. People also had to face traffic jam in the internal lanes of the area. The route divert had the most impact on the road leading to Anand Vihar.

The rush of farmers started on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway since morning. The jam situation started due to the rush of farmers on the expressway. Due to slowing down of vehicles, traffic jam started from Ghazipur Phool Mandi near Khichadipur. In view of the growing jam, the traffic police diverted the route by putting barricades on the roads. The route diverted from Ghazipur to Kalyanpuri Pulia was fine due to traffic police diverting the route, but there was a jam on the route from Khichadipur to Anand Vihar. From morning till late night the drivers kept crawling on the roads in the jam. This was not just the main roads, traffic was diverted from the route divert to the surrounding colonies. The residents of the area had to face various problems due to traffic disruptions. I have been stuck in this jam for almost four hours. Any important work is to go to a meeting in Noida Sector-39. If the police had to divert the route, then the traffic system should also be made, so that there is no jam on the roads.

Sagar Bhati, the driver reaches home every day in two hours. But Anand Vihar is stuck here due to the jam. I will now go through an alternative route. The government should fulfill the demand of farmers. Common people are troubled in the fight between the government and the farmer.

Dheeraj Kaushik, driver

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