This Great Khali’s Storm Viral Bullet VIDEO made a funny demand by the fans | Viral


The great Khali is always in the limelight for various reasons. Now a striking video of him has surfaced.

Mumbai, January 30: The name that has become popular all over the world through World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is ‘The Great Khali’. Numerous fans of Khali are spread all over the world. Khali is also active on social media. He keeps giving you updates through various photos and videos.

Recently, a video of Khali went viral. He has shared this from his Instagram account. People are sharing this video with lots of comments and likes.

In this video, Khali is firing a bullet. On a bumpy road, Khali is seen firing bullets with confidence. Khali is a big name in the world of wrestling. Khali has a very calm, cool minded personality in his private life. People love Khali’s performance, but also his personality.

While posting this video, Khali has written a caption, ‘Temporary love’. Many fans have commented on this. One shared a video saying, ‘Ghost Rider’. Another writes, ‘Teach me to shoot bullets too’

The Great Khali is a professional wrestler. Khali was born on 27 August 1972 in Himachal Pradesh. His real name is Dilip Singh Rana. His childhood was full of hardships and struggles. Khali became the first Indian wrestler to sign a WWE contract on January 2, 2006.

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First published:January 30, 2021 9:55 PM IS


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