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New Delhi Over the top media channels, the control of OTT platforms has been talked about for a long time, but the problem is not being resolved. Recently, on the pretext of webseries Tandava and Mirzapur, this issue is once again in the discussion in the country. Jagran sought to know from cyber expert Pawan Duggal that how can OTT be controlled?

What is the reason that we are not able to control the web series and its content on the OTT platform? Is it difficult

– We do not have strict laws and the government is not thinking with full activeness in this direction. Now the time has come when the government should act on it immediately.

Do we not have a law?

– We only have the Information Technology Act 2000. It is not so strict right now. If OTT or social media content is to be controlled, then we have to make four laws. We also need data protection law, privacy law, cyber security law.

These four laws are needed

  • Data protection law
  • A privacy law
  • Cyber ​​security is not the law
  • Controlling internet media

Keep this in mind

  • Internet media neither sleeps nor forgets …
  • Everything you have written or seen today is recorded in the record

Where do you think the mess is?

– Multinational companies see the Indian market. She wants to earn fast here but is not willing to follow the rules here. The OTT platform started to gain a foothold in the Indian market from 2012. It is increasing year after year. We should have been conscious in the beginning.

Do OTT platforms like Amazon and Netflix have servers abroad? Is it not possible to apply filters on media content?

– There have been many complaints about the web series across the country. The government has full authority to act on multinational companies on its basis. This is not just a case of violation of data rules by some multinational companies. 40–45 crore people are connected to WhatsApp. 35 crore use Facebook. The most about these content is being broadcast. It is increasing year after year.

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