The rain increased the difficulty of market traders


Jagran Correspondent, Outer Delhi:

The intermittent rains in the capital for the last four-five days have added to the woes of the traders of Azadpur mandi. While the businessmen of Azadpur Mandi are getting troubled by waterlogging, they are facing difficulties in working due to the mud deposited on the roads. Traders say that the rain has reduced the speed of work in the mandi. De block in Mandi is most affected by the rain. There is mud and waterlogging on all the major routes here. Arthi Shambhu Agarwal says that rain caused waterlogging and mud to become common in the market. Light rain also causes waterlogging in the market. Although work is being done on the drainage system to get rid of the problem of waterlogging, the work has not been completed yet. Mandi chairman Adil Ahmed Khan says that strong water pipes are being installed to deal with the problem of water logging. As for the matter, the employees are working continuously to clean the mud. Bad vegetables are thrown here and there:

The problem of mud and dirt is highest in the market after rain. The main reason for this is to throw the spoiled vegetables here and there. For this reason, the gathering of animals also takes place. According to the adhatis, the market produces many tons of bad vegetables daily. But it has no solid management. In such a situation, after the rain, the bad vegetables dissolve in it, which creates a situation of dirt and mud in the market.

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