The decision to close ‘Godse Gyan Shala’ in Madhya Pradesh was made clear by the Madhya Pradesh administration


Hindu Mahasabha is going to close ‘Godse Gyanshala’. This was objected to by the local district administration when the study center was started. The Hindu Mahasabha had on Sunday started a study center at Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh called ‘Godse Gyanshala’. The Hindu Mahasabha claimed that lessons of patriotism would be imparted here and information about the partition of the country would be given.

The Hindu Mahasabha had on Sunday started ‘Godse Gyanshala’ at Daulatganj in Gwalior. The study center was named after Nathuram Godse, who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. Local Congress leaders had demanded that an FIR be filed against the Hindu Mahasabha leaders in the matter.

Gwalior ADM Kishor Kanyal said that Section-144 has been implemented in Daulatganj area after receiving information from the study center. Because the situation there was deteriorating.

ADM Kishor Kanyal further said, “We have discussed the matter with the leaders of Hindu Mahasabha and the leaders of Hindu Mahasabha have assured that they will not do anything that will disturb peace and order.” It has also been agreed to close ‘Godse Dnyanshala’.


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