Supreme Court posts for February 5, the hearing in petitions challenging Mumbai High Court verdict upholding


Navi Delhi: Shige is curious about what will happen to Maratha Reservations. The hearing on Maratha reservation was to start from today before the Supreme Court bench. However, today’s hearing has been postponed. The hearing is now set for February 5. (Supreme Court posts for February 5, the hearing in petitions challenging Mumbai High Court verdict upholding)

The apex court, meanwhile, had said the hearing would be held on January 25. However, it was decided to hold a hearing from today. Therefore, the whole of Maharashtra was watching what the bench would hear today. However, today’s hearing has now been postponed. The state government has demanded a hearing before a 11-judge bench. So there was curiosity about today’s hearing.

A five-judge bench of the apex court had earlier in the day refused to lift the stay on the Maratha reservation. The court also did not allow the implementation of the previous recruitment before the moratorium. Earlier, the Maharashtra government had argued that the reservation limit had been exceeded by 50 per cent in some states. However, no relief was offered in connection with the reservation.

Today’s hearing on Maratha reservation has been postponed. The next hearing on the reservation is set for February 5. Lawyers from different places are in this case. There are also very large documents. Therefore, virtual hearing is very difficult, said Mukul Rohatgi. The covid vaccine is causing a delay of 6 to 7 weeks, so the hearing will be held on February 5. Many lawyers are older. So it takes time to get vaccinated. Prosecutors demanded that the hearing be adjourned for six to seven weeks, but the court said it would take two weeks.

Meanwhile, Vinayak Mete has accused the government of manipulating. Petitioner Vinod Patil has said that frustration is spreading in the society as the Maratha reservation hearing has been postponed.


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