Supporting Anna Hazare is the biggest mistake of life


Ahmednagar Live24 Team, 30 January 2021: – Senior social activist Anna Hazare was to go on a hunger strike from January 30 on various issues of farmers.

However, before that, BJP leaders from Delhi and Maharashtra met thousands and after that thousands suspended their agitation.

This has led to criticism of Anna. It has happened before that Anna wanted to take out the weapon of hunger and then sheath it. So even if it happens now, there is nothing unexpected about it.

In these words, Shiv Sena itself has taken the news of Anna from the mouthpiece match. In addition, a filmmaker has also criticized Anna Hazare.

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta has once been a supporter of senior social activist Anna Hazare. But now he has said that supporting Anna Hazare is one of the two mistakes in life.

Hansal Mehta tweeted about it. ‘I supported him (Anna Hazare) with good feelings and good intentions. He had also supported Arvind Kejriwal (the current Chief Minister of Delhi).

I don’t even regret it. Everyone makes mistakes. I also made ‘Simran’, tweeted Hansal Mehta.

Hansal Mehta says that… Hansal Mehta has said that making ‘Simran’ and supporting Anna Hazare are two big mistakes in life.

Hansal Mehta had made a film called ‘Simran’ in 2017 with actress Kangana Ranaut, but the film was a superflop. He also said that making this film was his first mistake.


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