Strange Courage Of The Sangli Villagers, Carried The Crocodile On Shoulder And Handed It Over To Forest Department


Sangli: In Sangli district, there is a lot of talk about the strange courage of the villagers of Satpewadi in Valva taluka. The crocodile found on the banks of the river Krishna was carried on the shoulders by the villagers and then handed over to the forest department. The villagers and the youth took this bold step to avoid any kind of impropriety and accidents.

There was an atmosphere of terror in the riverside villages as a large number of crocodiles were seen on the banks of Krishna. At Satpewadi, villagers spotted a ten- to twelve-foot Ajastra crocodile on Monday (January 25) at around 5 pm. After this, the villagers and the youth of the village seized the crocodile after two hours of untiring efforts. After this, the crocodile was handed over to the forest department. Forest officials released the crocodile into its natural habitat.

Strange courage of the villagers of Sangli river, carrying it on their shoulders and handing it over to the forest department

Meanwhile, crocodiles are roaming in the character of Krishna river. But crocodiles are rampant along the river. As a result, farmers have to work hand in hand in the fields along the river. Therefore, the forest department has appealed to the citizens to stay away from the natural habitat of crocodiles.


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