‘… so I withdraw the rape complaint against Dhananjay Munde’; Renu Sharma’s explanation – Marathi News | Renu Sharma, who had accused Minister Dhananjay Munde of rape, has withdrawn the rape complaint.


Mumbai: In the last few days, social justice minister and NCP leader Dhananjay Munde has been accused of rape by Renu Sharma. After the allegations against Dhananjay Munde, the BJP Pradesh Mahila Morcha staged a statewide agitation on Monday demanding his resignation. But now Renu Sharma, who is alleging rape, has withdrawn the rape complaint against Dhananjay Munde. Therefore, it is safe to say that Dhananjay Munde was greatly relieved.

Renu Sharma, who had accused Dhananjay Munde of rape, has withdrawn the rape complaint against Munde. I am withdrawing the complaint due to family reasons, said Renu Sharma while withdrawing the complaint. That is how she has written to the police. It is learned that Renu Sharma’s lawyers have also dropped the case.

Earlier, a young woman accused of raping Dhananjay Munde was also involved in the probe. She has denied all the allegations against her. She also tweeted a few days ago, “If all of you want, I will withdraw.”

‘If I’m wrong, why haven’t these people come forward so far? Everyone is coming together to delete me. I am fighting alone in Maharashtra. I am being falsely accused of having no information. If you all want, I will withdraw ‘, it was said in the tweet.

What did the complainant woman do?

Apart from four-one years since 2006, Dhananjay Munde used me. They have been forcing me since 2013. He used me only to comfort me and give me faith. I was devastated. The complainant made a sensational allegation that she used me by promising marriage. She was asked why she remained silent when injustice was being done to her for the last several years. Dhananjay Munde had my offensive photos and videos on it. He also demanded sex on video calls and then had sex. So I was silent. I wanted to do something in life. I was very ambitious. That is what Munde misused. The woman had made a serious allegation that they only used me, promising that I would stand firmly behind you.

The allegations against me are false, those who blackmailed me – Dhananjay Munde

Explaining his position, Dhananjay Munde said, “The allegations against me are completely false and defamatory, blackmailing.” Dhananjay Munde has posted his detailed revelation on social media Facebook. In this post, Munde is circulating some documents about me through social media as well as allegations of rape against me through media and social media. In this case, a woman named Renu Sharma (Renu Sharma is Karuna Sharma’s younger sister) has tweeted from her own account. The documents show that some complaints have been lodged against me. All these allegations are falsely defaming me and blackmailing me and the whole fact of the matter was mentioned as follows.

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Web Title: Renu Sharma, who had accused Minister Dhananjay Munde of rape, has withdrawn the rape complaint.

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