Sharad Pawar: sharad pawar: Center responsible for violence in Delhi farmers’ tractor parade: Sharad Pawar – violence in farmers protest centers responsibility was to keep law and order in control but they failed


New Delhi: The central government is responsible for the violence in the farmers’ tractor parade in Delhi. The government has failed to maintain law and order, said former Union Agriculture Minister and NCP president Sharad Pawar.

Today, on the day of Republic Day, farmers in Delhi took out a tractor parade. But this tractor parade took a violent turn. Police were attacked in several places. A police officer was stabbed. Police weapons were also snatched. The flag was hoisted at the Red Fort in Delhi. This has created a tense atmosphere in Delhi. Against the backdrop of all these circumstances, former Union Minister Sharad Pawar has targeted the Union Government.

‘Central government’s failure’

The central government is responsible for maintaining law and order in Delhi. But given today’s situation, the government has failed to maintain law and order. Farmers in Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh were protesting peacefully. But the government did not take them seriously. The agitating farmers lost their temper and staged a tractor march in Delhi. The Center is responsible for maintaining law and order in Delhi. But the government failed in that, said Sharad Pawar.

Violence at farmers’ tractor parade in Delhi, Amit Shah’s emergency meeting

Allegations of political parties and farmers’ leaders for tarnishing the image of the movement

No one will support the violence that took place in Delhi. But the reason for that cannot be ignored. The agitating farmers are outraged. Because the central government has not fulfilled its responsibility. The government should take a pragmatic and appropriate decision, said Sharad Pawar.

The manner in which the peasant movement was handled today is very regrettable. Opposition parties have supported the farmers’ movement. But now the farmers should return to their village in peace. Sharad Pawar has appealed to the government not to give any opportunity to make allegations.


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