Sharad Pawar said that our colleagues started getting involved …


Ahmednagar Live24 Team, January 24, 2021: –NCP President Sharad Pawar is on a tour of Ahmednagar district today.

Sharad Pawar has blamed his one-time colleague Madhukar Pichad for this.

Former MLA late. Sharad Pawar was speaking at the unveiling ceremony of the statue of Yashwant Bhangare. Yashwant Bhangre was in the assembly 5 years before me. He was the eldest to me.

Bhangre was instrumental in setting up many important institutions in Akole taluka, said Pawar. The people of Akole taluka supported us by making changes and we should continue to do so, appealed Sharad Pawar.

All the leaders of the region came together in unity. I did all the things, but for the last one and a half years, many of our colleagues started getting involved, said Sharad Pawar.

Meanwhile, Pawar had arrived in Akola at 9 am this morning. First of all, he inspected Murshet village. He was accompanied by Guardian Minister Hasan Mushrif, Minister of State for Tribal Development Prajakt Tanpure, Dr Kiran Lahamate, senior leader Ashokrao Bhangre, youth leader Amit Bhangre and others.


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