Prayagraj Magh Mela 2021 Covid Card formula for Kalpasi of Magh Mela is helpfull to health department


Prayagraj, J.N.N. Kalpavas has also started in Prayagraj Maghmela 2021. In the Magh Mela on the sands of Sangam, the efforts of the health department are diminishing this time despite a big challenge. Both major hospitals of the Mela area have significantly lower patient estimates than expected. The reason is that this time the Kovid card formula came into force, under which Kalpavasi have come from their districts by conducting a complete health check.

Low number of patients in OPD

In the Ganga and Triveni Hospitals of Magh Mela, only 50 people in OPD are coming to show themselves. The number of Kalpavasis is seen in these eight or 10. Teams of the Health Department who are going to the camps are also not getting any major symptoms or symptoms of corona in any Kalpavasi in the investigation.

Kovid card is only for Kalpavasi

The Kovid card was actually directed by the government only for the Kalpavasi visiting Magh Mela. It is not mandatory on other devotees. There are about one lakh Kalpavis settled in the Magh Mela and from the OPD of the hospitals, there are indications that due to the imperative of Kovid card, all the Kalpavasis have come from their districts completely healthy.

Any Kalpavasi Corona positive not found

Not a single Kalpavasi Corona positive has been found so far in Magh Mela. Only the police personnel and others on fair duty were found positive so far.

Upcoming Magh Mela and Kumbh Mela got new arrangements

New arrangements have been made by the government to come healthy in the upcoming Magh Mela and Kumbh Melas in Tirtharaj, Prayag. Now even if the Kovid card is not made, another card can be applied to make it appear healthy.

Sub charge doctor of Magh fair said this

Sub-charge doctor of the Magh Mela RS Thakur says that Kovid cards are made in other districts only when Kalpavasi remains healthy. This has made the work of Health Department in Prayagraj easy.

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