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The corona epidemic is being witnessed all over the world and the number of patients has crossed the ten crore mark. So far millions of people have lost their lives due to corona. Corona has caused serious conditions in many countries. Meanwhile, a person who denied the virus and did not wear a mask, as the corona is not a disease, has died due to the corona. According to reports, not wearing a mask in the corona crisis is a threat to one’s life. He died of a corona infection. The man claimed to have no coronavirus.

The 46-year-old is named Gary Matthews. This has happened in Britain. According to the Guardian, Matthew has consistently refused to wear a mask. It also does not adhere to social distinctions. Gary was infected with the corona a week ago. The report was positive at the time of his test as he had been ill for a few days. Gary did not consider Corona to be ill. That is why he was not following any rules. Many had advised him to wear a mask. But he refused. A Hindi website has reported about this.

In Britain, Corona is wearing Thaman. Corona infection is on the rise and the number of patients is steadily increasing. Meanwhile, the number of Corona victims has risen to more than one lakh. The death toll in Britain has crossed one million on Tuesday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed regret over accepting responsibility for the crisis. I have taken full responsibility for this. I accept full responsibility for this from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. I am deeply saddened by the death of the corona virus. It is said that he is expressing his condolences to the families of the deceased.

The situation is serious! The number of Corona victims in “this” country is over one lakh, the Prime Minister accepted responsibility

Many have lost their parents, siblings, and children to coronary heart disease. Johnson said the grief of the family was great. A press conference was held. That’s what he said at the time. Our government, the ministers, did their best to control the corona infection. There is an opportunity to think about and improve this epidemic. He also said that the number of patients has decreased after vaccination. According to the Death Assessment Certificate Department of the National Statistics Office, one lakh four thousand people have died due to the corona virus so far. Also the number of patients is high.

Daddy! Directly challenged to Corona, ‘he’ licked ATM machine to prove no virus, Video Viral

To prove that Corona is not there, a person has come up with a strange way of licking ATM Cash Machines. Currently this video has gone viral and everyone is annoyed. This shocking type of thing is being reported in the United States. A man has shot a video of himself licking an ATM machine during a Facebook live stream. A user on Facebook saw the video and alerted South Yorkshire Police. The user has also claimed that a similar incident has taken place before. Also, the person licking the ATM has licked it for the second time and is said to want to prove that he is not a corona by this act. This video of the machine licking is currently deleted from Facebook. South Yorkshire Police are investigating the matter further.

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covid denying conspiracy theorist dies with corona virus

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