New Delhi Varanasi to become hub on Howrah bullet train route to join two Varanasi in seven major routes of the country


Varanasi, JNN. Varanasi is now becoming a better hub in the country’s high-speed rail corridor. For this, the work of the much awaited survey has started, while on the other hand, the order to connect Varanasi to Howrah is also going on. In this regard, official information has also been issued by the department. For this, a high speed rail corridor has been set up to make a radius of about one thousand kilometers from New Delhi to Howrah via Varanasi. According to the sources related to the scheme, in future, Varanasi will also be connected to Mumbai and South India, so that people will be able to travel at a faster speed and this journey will not be less than a unique experience for the people who are denied the flight. .

National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation Limited is a joint venture between the Government of India and the participating state governments to implement high speed rail projects. Which is now going to work on the route from New Delhi to Howrah. In this regard, with the survey of High Speed ​​Rail Corridor, changes are being made on the connectivity of high speed trains across the country. Since the report was released on Sunday, the good news of the bullet train scheme in the new year is going to be proved for Purvanchal. However, Ayodhya and Prayagraj can also join this route. However, no decision has been taken in this regard. At the same time, which train or bullet train will be run on this route is also not decided. However, it is expected that the Shinkanshen train with the cooperation of Japan is almost certain to run.

National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation Limited has prepared a detailed project report for seven new corridors across the country. Work on the project has already started for this. The length of this entire route across the country is about 5000 kilometers. While Varanasi is going to become a hub on this route, tourism is also going to gain momentum from it. At present, Lidar survey is also being done to give ground to the speed of bullet train on the route from New Delhi to Varanasi. Land survey will also begin after the survey report arrives on this route by the month of April.

Delhi-Varanasi-Howrah Route Final : According to the report released by National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation Limited, 865 km from New Delhi to Varanasi and the remaining 760 km from Varanasi to Howrah included in the high speed rail project routes of seven major high speed rail projects in the country. is. In this way, there will be a new Delhi Howrah route of 1625 km, with Varanasi being a major center almost in the middle.

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