narendra singh tomar: agricluture minister narendra singh tomar says some people don’t want farmers protest to end, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tamor said – some people don’t want the movement to end



  • Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar raging on farmer organizations
  • Farmer organizations accused of ignoring the interests of farmers
  • Tomar said – some people do not want the movement to end

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Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar looked very angry on Friday after no solution was found even after the 11th meetings between the farmers and the government regarding agricultural laws. He said that the sanctity of the peasant movement has been destroyed and some people are taking political advantage of it.

The Agriculture Minister said, ‘We have given the best proposal to the farmers, but some forces want the movement to go on and some good results do not come out. Negotiations did not yield any results as the farmers ‘organizations were not at the heart of the farmers’ organizations. Farmers’ organizations have been steadfast in their demand for withdrawal of agricultural laws, while the government has made several alternative proposals.

Narendra Singh Tomar said after the meeting, ‘Government of India is and will remain committed to the upliftment of farmers and poor under the leadership of PM Modi. Especially farmers of Punjab and farmers of some other states are agitating against the agricultural laws. During this movement, there was a constant effort to spread misunderstandings between the public and the farmers and by taking advantage of this, some people who opposed every good work could use the farmers ‘shoulders for their political gains.’

11th round of meeting between government and farmers ends, no results again

The Agriculture Minister further said, ‘It was the effort of the Government of India to consider the right path, for which 11 rounds of meetings were held. But the farmers union law remained firm on the return. The government made proposals one after the other, but when the sanctity of the movement is destroyed, the decision is not made. Limitations were followed in the negotiations, but there was always a lack of spirit to pave the way for dialogue in favor of the farmers, so this decision could not be reached. I am also sorry for this.

Farmers’ organizations reject the proposal of the central government before the 11th round of talks

It is worth mentioning that the 11th round of meeting between the farmers’ organizations and the central government on agricultural laws on Friday also ended. The government has not given any next date for the meeting to the farmers’ organizations. The government asked the farmers to consider the proposals made on their behalf.

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar talking to media after the meeting


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