MP Bhavana Gawli argues with Rajendra Patni, breaks legs in full swing, Shiv Sena aggressive


Shiv Sainiks of Yavatmal have been insulted by a woman MP. (Shivsena Angry on Bhavana Gawali and Rajendra Patni conflict)

Yavatmal: Karanja’s BJP MLA Rajendra Patni and Shiv Sena MP Bhavana Gawli had an argument. The repercussions of this controversy were felt in Yavatmal today. Shiv Sainiks in Yavatmal staged agitation against MLA Patni at Datta Chowk in Yavatmal. (Shivsena Angry on MP Bhavana Gawali and BJP MLA Rajendra Patni conflict)

Bhavana Gawli, MP from Yavatmal Washim Lok Sabha constituency, was insulted by BJP MLA Rajendra Patni from Karanja. Shiv Sainiks of Yavatmal have been insulted by a woman MP. After this, Shiv Sainiks trampled the posters of MLA Rajendra Patni in Datta Chowk. Not only this, Shiv Sena’s Yavatmal assembly liaison chief Santosh Dhawale Patni has warned that if he comes to Yavatmal, he will be beaten in Bhar Chowk and his legs will be broken.

What exactly are the cases?

Shiv Sena MP Bhavana Gawli and BJP district president and MLA Rajendra Patni had an argument before the meeting of the executive committee of the district planning committee was held at Niyojan Bhavan in the Collectorate premises.

BJP MLA Rajendra Patni has lodged a complaint with the Washim city police station against MP Bhavana Gawli for using obscene language and threatening to kill him. Pro-MLA activists were present on the occasion. He shouted slogans against the sentiments.

Tensions had been building in Washim for some time due to a verbal altercation between MP Bhavana Gawli and MLA Patni. It was seen that the activists were riding on two-wheelers to close the markets in the city.

What did Rajendra Patni say?

As we entered the hall of the Planning Board, MP Bhavana Gawli called out. Then he lost his balance and spoke to me in vulgar language. Fifty people were with them. I don’t understand why the balance of MPs has gone. People’s representatives have a way of speaking despite their differences. He did not argue with what we heard. BJP MLA Rajendra Patni said that what happened today was reported at the police station. (Shivsena Angry on MP Bhavana Gawali and BJP MLA Rajendra Patni conflict)

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