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The change, made by telecom companies, will take effect from January 15. If you are going to call from landline to mobile, read this first.

Mumbai, January 14: Every year we see many rules changing in the new year. And this year is no exception. From tomorrow, i.e. from January 15, 2021, there will be a slight change in the mobile number. This will change the mobile numbers of all the companies across the country. This is the rule for making calls on landline mobile phones across the country.

According to this rule, when calling from landline to mobile, it will be mandatory to put zero before the number. The Department of Telecommunications had accepted TRAI’s proposal in November last year. It is claimed that this will allow telecom service providers to generate more numbers. So now you have to say your new number as well as the new-changed number.

Troy had made some recommendations to change the method of dialing numbers from landline to mobile. The Department of Telecommunications had said in a press release on November 20 last year that the recommendations had been approved. Accordingly, it will be mandatory to set zero when calling on mobile from landline.

Now all telecom companies have to provide zero dial facility to all landline customers. This feature is now available for calling outside your area. Telecom companies were given till January 1 to implement the new system. But now this matter will be implemented from tomorrow.

All companies will now inform their customers about this new change. The change in the method of dialing will allow telecom companies to generate an additional 254.4 crore numbers for mobile services. This will definitely bring benefits in the future.

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First published:January 14, 2021 8:04 PM IS


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