Mau former block chief Ajit Singh Shot dead and two injured during gangwar in Lucknow


Lucknow, JNN. Former block chief Ajit Singh was shot dead in Gangwar on Wednesday night in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow. In the shootout, Ajit’s partner Mohar Singh and the delivery boy Akash passing through were also shot, who have been admitted to Lohia Hospital. According to Commissioner of Police DK Thakur, the attackers were acquaintances of Ajit. Bullets have been fired from both sides. There have been about 25-30 rounds of firing. About 18 cases have been filed against the deceased Ajit. The police team is searching for the attackers.

Ajit lost his life in a road gang

The case is near the Kathouta intersection in front of the Kathouta police post in Vibhutkhand. Ajit Singh arrived here with his partner Mohar Singh in a black Scorpio car. Both of them got away from the car and went away a little when two miscreants started firing bullets on them. In response, Ajit also fired. During this, Ajit died on the spot after being shot in the head. At the same time, Mohar Singh and Akash got shot in the leg and both got bled and fell on the ground. Ajit was originally from Mohana Mohammadabad Mau and was a witness in the murder of former MLA Sarvesh Sipu Singh in Azamgarh. Mohar is also a resident of Gohna and often lived with Ajit. Ajit Bahubali was close to MLA Mukhtar Ansari. The Commissioner of Police said that Ajit has five cases of murder registered against him.

The district was born on 30 December

On December 30, the Mau police took the action of Zilabadar against Ajit. He was staying here in an apartment located in Gomtinagar Extension. Ajit had made a woman close to him to be the block chief from Gohna Mohammadabad. It is being told that Ajit’s wife has also been the block chief in the past.

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25 to 30 rounds

There were about 25 to 30 rounds of bullets in the gang war. The spurt of bullets echoed the area. A stampede broke out at the intersection and the shopkeepers closed the shops and fled. On the other hand, the delivery boy Prakash, a resident of Gwari village, got a furore in his family after he was informed of shooting. The Gomtinagar police were then sent there and they were told that Prakash’s condition was out of danger.

Three crooks seen in the footage

In the CC footage, three miscreants are seen running away from the bike. Although the number of miscreants was four. The Commissioner of Police says that so far it has been confirmed to carry out the crime of three miscreants. Other CC cameras are being scrutinized nearby. The incident will be ruled soon.

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Former MLA Sarvesh Singh Seepu was a witness in the murder case in Azamgarh.

It is being told that Ajit Singh was a witness in the murder of former MLA Sarvesh Singh Sipu in Azamgarh. Let me tell you, on 19 July 2013, BSP MLA Sarvesh Kumar Singh Seepu was murdered in front of his Jeyanpur residence. Bharat Rai, his close friend, also died in the firing. In this case, a case was registered in Jeypore Kotwali against 13 people including notorious criminal and former chief Dhruv Kumar Singh alias Kuntu, resident of Chapra village of Jeenpur Kotwali area. The infamous Kuntu Singh is one of the top 10 criminal in the state. On 20 December 2020, as part of the campaign to crack down on criminals, the Gianpur police had taken action against three persons including the BDC, the village head, BDC, accused of the murder of former BSP MLA Sarvesh Singh Seepu.

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