lpg gas cylinder price punjab nationa bank atm cash withdrawal rule will change from 1 february 2021


From 1 February 2021, many rules related to your daily life are going to change. These include rules like the price of LPG gas cylinders and withdrawal of money from ATMs. On February 1, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will also present the budget in which she can increase or decrease the customs duty on the product, then those products can be expensive and cheap further. Let’s know about these rules ..

Cylinder prices will change on February 1
There will be a change in the cylinder prices from 1 February. However, LPG prices have increased 2 times in December last year. Companies did not raise prices in January this year. Now in the month of February, it has to be seen whether the companies increase the price or not. On the first date of every month, the companies fix the price of LPG cylinder and commercial cylinder.

Will not be able to withdraw money from these ATMs
Punjab National Bank (PNB) is going to change the rules for withdrawing money from its ATMs from February 1. PNB has taken a commendable step to curb the growing ATM fraud across the country. If you also have a bank account with PNB, then this is news for you. From February 1, PNB customers will not be able to withdraw money from non-EMV ATM machines. PNB Bank has given information about this by tweeting on its official Twitter account. Non-EMV ATMs or non-EMV ATMs are those in which ATMs or debit cards are not used during transactions. In these machines, the data card is read through a magnetic stripe.

Budget will be presented on 1 February
The general budget, introduced on 1 February, may cut customs duties on many items, including raw materials for furniture, copper brittle, some chemicals, telecommunications equipment and rubber products. Sources gave this information. Import duties can be cut on more than 20 products such as polished diamonds, rubber goods, leather clothing, telecommunications equipment and carpets. Apart from this, the customs duty on some un-stained wood and hardboard etc. used in making furniture can be completely abolished.

Punjab National Bank: After six days, you will not be able to withdraw money from these ATMs of PNB Bank


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