Know, what did Priyanka Chopra said about Kamla Harris became the Vice President of America?


Know, what did Priyanka Chopra say when Kamla Harris became the Vice President of America?

Priyanka Chopra appeared on Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week to promote her film ‘The White Tiger’. During this time their conversation turned into political discussion, host Stephen Colbert Asks Priyanka Chopra her thoughts about Kamala Harris becoming the “First Lady of the United States, the first South Asian and the first African American” Vice President.

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Priyanka Chopra reminded the talk show host, “It was such an emotional moment for a lot of my friends and family in which countries including India have seen many women in positions of power over the years.

“From a country like India, which has seen many women becoming Governors to Prime Ministers in governance, I would say that America is also welcome in this club.”

“High time,” said Priyanka Chopra, that she hopes to see many more women in the government in the coming times.

On her comment made during the talk show last week, Tara Sharma shared a clip of her during the show on Instagram, writing, “Good One, Priyanka Chopra,” “Of course, Kamala Harris is amazing and we all Thrilled. She is the Vice President… Women are not new to India in governance from Prime Ministers to the President. “


Let us tell you that Kamala Harris made history on January 20, when she was sworn in as Vice President with Joe Biden, she was the first woman, the first Black American and the second Asian woman to hold the most office.


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