‘Khashaba Jadhav’s Olympic medal won is a constant source of inspiration for the country’s athletes and sports sector’


Mumbai : Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister and President of the Maharashtra Olympic Association, has greeted the late Khashaba Jadhav, the Marathwada wrestler who won the country’s first individual Olympic medal and hoisted the Indian tricolor on the Olympic ground.

Greeting the late Khashaba Jadhav, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said that Khashaba Jadhav overcame adversity and wrestled at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics and won the first individual Olympic medal for the country.

The Olympic medal won by the late Khashaba Jadhav is still a major source of inspiration for the country’s athletes and sports. The late Khashaba Jadhav, an Olympic wrestler born and raised in Maharashtra, and his historic performances at the Helsinki Olympic Ground will continue to inspire future generations. Ajit Pawar has expressed.

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