Kerala Corona Cases News: Covid-19 Recovery: Kerala’s first corona case found in India, now about 40 percent active patients of the country – kerala records about 40 percent of active covid patients in country



  • Corona virus recovery figures are getting better in the country
  • Most active cases of the country in Kerala and Maharashtra
  • India’s first corona case was found in Kerala in January

The state of Kerala from which the transition period of Corona started in India, now there are 40% corona cases in the same Kerala. The total number of corona virus active patients in Kerala is about 40% of all active cases in the country. Kerala is the same state where the country’s first coron patient came out as a student returned from Wuhan.

If you look at the figures of Thursday morning, there are 1 lakh 89 thousand 245 cases of corona virus active in the country. Out of these 69,695 active patients are in Kerala only. So far 18,85,66,947 sample tests have been conducted in the country. Of these, a total of 1,06,11,729 positive patients so far. Currently 1,89,245 corona patients are active. While 1,02,65,163 people have recovered from this disease. At the same time, 1,52,906 people have lost their lives due to corona.

Maharashtra in second place
There are currently 69,695 active patients in Kerala. Maharashtra ranks second in number of active patients after Kerala. There are currently 46,769 patients active in Maharashtra. Apart from this, there is no significant increase in the number of corona patients in many other states.

Corona’s first patient was found in Kerala in January
The big thing is that in the month of January, the first confirmed case of corona was reported in Kerala, now there is the highest number of active corona patients in the country. On the other hand, the most affected states like Maharashtra have now come in second place.


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