Kat filed petition in Supreme Court against WhatsApp and Facebook …!


Kat said that the central government should formulate guidelines to operate big technology companies like WhatsApp

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has today filed a petition in the Supreme Court to dismiss WhatsApp and Facebook’s new privacy policy.

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new Delhi. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has today filed a petition in the Supreme Court to dismiss WhatsApp and Facebook’s new privacy policy. CAT has stated in its petition that the proposed privacy policy of WhatsApp is infringing on the various fundamental rights of citizens provided by the Constitution of India. Kat said that to operate large technology companies like WhatsApp, the central government should formulate guidelines and formulate policies that protect the privacy of citizens and businesses.

This petition specifically cites a complete gap in the privacy policy of WhatsApp in European Union countries and India. The petition said, how can the data of Indian users be misused by such big technology companies. This petition has been prepared by Advocate Abir Roy, which has been filed today in the Supreme Court by Advocate on Record Vivek Narayan Sharma.

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CAIT alleges fraudulent collection of dataNational President of CAT, Mr. B.C. Bhartia and National General Secretary Mr. Praveen Khandelwal alleged that WhatsApp has adopted the ‘My Way or High Way’ approach, which is arbitrary, unfair, unconstitutional and did not accept it in a democratic country like India. can go. WhatsApp is fraudulently collecting personal user data. At the time of its launch in India, WhatsApp attracted users based on a promise not to share data and strong privacy principles.

Changes were also made in 2014
It was only in 2014, after Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, that users began to doubt the confidentiality of their data. Because he feared that his personal data would be shared with Facebook. At that time, WhatsApp promised that nothing would change in the privacy policy after the takeover. However, in August 2016, WhatsApp backed out of its promise and introduced a new privacy policy in which it severely compromised the rights of its users and completely undermined the privacy rights of users.

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Under the new privacy policy, it shared personal data with Facebook and all of its group companies for commercial advertising and marketing. Since then the company has been changing its policies so that a wide range of information can be collected and processed, and data can be passed on to third parties.


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