Kanpur man sets house on fire: Kanpur: Angry son-in-law sets fire to his in-laws due to wife’s departure, 7 people scorched – son in law set home wife in fire at kanpur


Sumit Sharma, Kanpur
In Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur district, a man who was angry with a wife’s farewell, set fire to his in-laws’ house. It is being told that this young man had reached his in-laws house at 4 am on Friday. During this time, he talked to his wife living in the in-laws’ house. When the wife did not agree to this, the young man sprinkled petrol on the house and set it on fire. 7 people were burnt in this incident. The police, who arrived at the notice of the incident, have all admitted to Ursla Hospital. In which the condition of three is said to be critical.

Hiralal, who lives in Rattu Purwa, Juhi police station area, does a private job. Hiralal married his daughter Manisha three years ago to Mukesh, a resident of Hardoi. Manisha and Mukesh have one month old innocent baby. Mukesh used to beat and torture his wife Manisha in various ways. Manisha was living in the maiden with the child. Mukesh was pressing for taking the wife along. Troubled by the son-in-law’s actions, Hiralal went to Juhi police station to complain about Mukesh. The police had told Hiralal that if the daughter wants to go to her in-laws then send it. If you do not want to go, do not send.

Mukesh came at four in the morning
Kamlesh, the younger brother of Hiralal, said that he heard the sound of someone coming at four o’clock on Friday morning. When Kamlesh looked down, Hiralal’s son-in-law Mukesh was abusing the door. Amidst the controversy, he sprinkled petrol around the door and the house and then set it on fire. In the midst of the fire, the people of the house somehow made noise and gathered the neighbors. In this incident Hiralal, his wife Sivakumari, daughter Manisha, Radha, Vandana, Uma and son Manish are all scorched. All have been admitted to Ursla Hospital.

Police teams start searching
According to SP South Deepak Bhukar, Mukesh, who hails from Hardoi, was married to Manisha. There was a family dispute between the two. Mukesh came at four o’clock this morning. Asked family members sleeping at home to open the door. When the door did not open, it set fire to the gate by putting petrol. There are 6 scorched people in it, in which Manisha’s innocent child has not suffered any injuries. Teams have been formed to arrest Mukesh.


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