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  • A final decision on Anna Hazare’s possible fast is expected today
  • Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Chaudhary will meet Anna Hazare
  • Villagers and activists also say that Anna should not go on a fast

Ahmednagar: Senior social activist Anna Hazare has warned of an indefinite fast at Ralegan Siddhi from tomorrow (January 30) on farmers’ issues. The central government has taken swift action to prevent it. A high-powered committee has been proposed to decide on Hazare’s demands. He has also got the consent of Hazare and the nature and function of this committee is yet to be agreed upon. For this, Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Chaudhary, Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis and former Minister Girish Mahajan are coming to Ralegan Siddhi today. Hazare is under pressure from both the government and Ralegana villagers not to go on hunger strike. So what thousands will decide will be clear this evening.

Hazare has called for a hunger strike to demand autonomy for the Central Commission for Agricultural Prices, implementation of the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission, and guaranteed prices for agricultural commodities. The central government then took immediate action. Relevant meetings were held in Delhi. This led to a proposal to appoint a high-level committee for Hazare’s demands. Yesterday, former minister Girish Mahajan came to Ralegan Siddhi and put this proposal before Hazare. Hazare also appointed a three-member committee to study the proposal and announce its position. This committee has suggested some improvements. The government was informed that they should be included in the committee’s proposal. The government was also told that it agreed. Accordingly, Minister of State Chaudhary is coming to Ralegan Siddhi this afternoon to discuss this further and prepare a final draft.

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Minister of State Chaudhary will arrive at Ralegan Siddhi at 3 pm. Considering the experience of prolonging the discussion, they have reserved four hours for the discussion. After that he will stay in Pune. The session of Parliament is starting from today. However, the government has taken Hazare’s agitation seriously and has taken swift action to stop it.

Settlement in sight

Both sides have agreed to appoint a high-powered committee on the demands. The discussion will now take the form of a committee. In addition to the government members, the government is also preparing to include members suggested by Hazare. The Union Agriculture Minister will be the chairman of this committee. The committee will consist of central officials, agricultural scientists, persons with experience and experience in law and agriculture. Hazare will also suggest the names of such persons. Hazare himself, however, is likely to stay away from direct participation in the committee. Hazare is expected to have more discussions on what should be the terms of reference of the committee, what should be the term of the committee, what issues the committee should study and make recommendations, and how long the government should implement those recommendations. The discussion will take place in today’s meeting and a final proposal will be prepared. If it is accepted, Hazare’s fast can be avoided. However, the decision depends on how the government, which has so far adopted a flexible policy, responds to the issues under discussion. The demands made by Hazare are not entirely acceptable. Some legal procedures will also have to be followed for this. Therefore, concrete assurances and practical steps in that direction can be the solution. The situation is not conducive to an immediate decision, both sides have to agree.

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Hazare, meanwhile, is under increasing pressure from villagers and supporters of Ralegan Siddhi not to go on a hunger strike. Hazare is being advised to carry out agitation in the form of silence, protest and satyagraha as soon as the time for agitation comes. The government has also stepped up its efforts to resolve Hazare’s demands. The government is trying to find a solution before the hunger strike starts. Therefore, Fadnavis and Mahajan, who have been successful in the past, have been given this responsibility. Therefore, today is a very important day for Hazare’s movement. As the decision regarding Hazare’s agitation will also affect the farmers’ agitation in Delhi, the government is making relentless efforts for it.

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