jain sadhavi diksha: Sadhvi will quit her job with a salary of Rs 15 lakh a year and become a young lady – 31 year old ca from mumbai quits rs 15 lakh job to take diksha


Ahmedabad: A 31-year-old woman with a salary of Rs 15 lakh a year is currently being discussed. The young woman has taken a sannyas initiation after quitting her job with a salary of around Rs. The young man is a CA and was working in a firm in Mumbai.

The girl’s name is Payal Shah. Payal got a job in 2014 at a large company in Nariman Point, Mumbai. Payal, who is in the top ranking at the all-India level in the difficult CA exam, decided to initiate Jain Sadhvi. Payal was walking five km every day to mentally prepare for his new life.

Payal Shah will give up his present life on February 24 next month and will be initiated into Sadhvi. She will be initiated as a nun in a ceremony. Payal will be the first person in his family to be initiated. Payal’s family is originally from Gujarat and owns a kitchenware shop in Mumbai.

“My journey started seven years ago,” Payal said. I used to go to the house of a Jain sadhvi who lived near my house. I wanted to make her happy. Mobile, she was happy even when there was no holiday. After that I stayed with them for almost a year. Only then did I decide to start a new life, she said. Payal said that the discussion with Guru Maharaj Paramlochan Shreeji changed his life.

Payal’s younger sister Reena has also completed MBA and CFA education and is working in a company. The company offered to increase her salary after Payal resigned to quit her job. However, Payal insisted on his decision.


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