Israeli intelligence agency Mossad will investigate Delhi bombings | Israeli intelligence agency Mossad will investigate Delhi blast, fear eats the world


new Delhi: National Capital Delhi (DelhiIsraeli Embassy in ()Embassy of Israel) Has been investigated by the National Security Agency (NSG) team from Manesar, Haryana. During the investigation, NSG has found a burnt pink scarf from the site of the blast, which is being investigated. At the same time, according to the news from the sources, the world’s most feared intelligence agency Mossad is also going to help in the investigation of this case.

In the investigation, a letter received in the name of the Israeli ambassador has been described as a ‘trailer’. It said that the Iranian military commander Sulaimani and Iran’s nuclear scientist Mohsin Fakhrzadeh would be avenged. According to sources, Israeli intelligence agency Mossad may also be involved in the investigation of this case.

Police collecting data for 3 hours after the blast

police (Delhi Police) According to sources, a team of Crime Branch is also working on the Delhi Blast case. At this time, the Crime Branch team is busy collecting data on the pick and drop of the cab. The crime branch suspects that criminals resorted to online cab booking. Therefore, data is being extracted on the Abdul Kalam Road from Blast to 3 how many people took the pick or drop of the cab.

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OLA-UBER is being questioned

In this regard, online cab service provider company Ola (OLA) And Uber (UBER) Is being contacted. On the 29th, details of all those vehicles between 3 am to 6 pm have been sought from the company, which was present on Abdul Kalam Road at that time. And who had picked or dropped someone from there. Apart from this, the team of Crime Branch had seen the recording of CCTV cameras installed on Abdul Kalam Road. Now 3 days of footage is being taken.


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When did this incident happen?

Let us tell you that on Friday, there was a huge blast outside the Israeli embassy on Abdul Kalam Road in the capital Delhi, in which three vehicles’ glass was broken. The place where the explosion took place is just 1.5 kilometers from Vijay Chowk. At the time of the incident, ‘Beating the Retreat’ ceremony was going on at Vijay Chowk, in which several dignitaries including President Ramnath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) were present.



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