Indian stars made history in WWE, Roman Rance made shocking revelations, announced the return of Brock Lassner?


Condolences to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, family member dies

Rod McMahon, the brother of WWE owner Vince McMahon, died at the age of 77. Vince McMahon had only one brother and he no longer lives in this world. Actually, he left the world on 20 January but his information came out shortly before. Rod was originally the owner of North American Steels.

Before Royal Rumble, fans got a big shock, after 12 years, the historic streak is broken

Kofi Kingston has been a part of every Royal Rumble match since his debut in 2009. However, now this record is about to break. For the last 11 years, Kingston has shown the WWE Universe many great moves and methods, avoiding elimination in a Royal Rumble match. In the last few years, Kofi was known for this match and everyone was excited for his entry.

Former WWE veteran champion made shocking statement on his friendship with The Great Khali

The former former Divas champion from WWE Superstar Spectacle discussed a number of topics in an interview given to Sportskeeda. In the interview, he also spoke about his eagerness for Superstar Spectacle and his friendship with The Great Khali.

WWE Superstar Spectacle Results: Indian Superstars Won Hearts, Veteran Defeat at Main Event

Big update on Brock Lassner’s WWE WrestleMania 37 match revealed

One of the biggest news reports of 2020 was Brock Lassner’s contract with WWE. In fact, in the month of August last year, The Beast contract was completed with WWE. It was a big shock to everyone because Vince McMahon would call Brock Lassner first whenever he needed big events or things to improve.

Roman Rance made a shocking statement about his relationship with Paul Heyman

The return of Roman Reigns in WWE Summerslam 2020 was kept hidden from all. More shocking than his return was his taking a heel turn and singing Paul Heyman. With the help of Heman, Roman has become the biggest Heel Superstar of the company.

Natalya was interviewed with SK Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta before the WWE Superstar Spectacle event. Its broadcast is just a few hours away. Well, during the interview, Natalia was asked about the winner of the WWE Royal Rumble 2021 match according to her. The former SmackDown women’s champion led Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro to victory at the Royal Rumble.

Published 26 Jan 2021 22:58 IST


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