Indian Chinese soldiers clashed at Naku La area in Sikkim three days ago


new Delhi, ANI India last week foiled an attempt by Chinese troops to infiltrate through the Line of Actual Control, LAC in the Naku La area of ​​North Sikkim. Soldiers of both countries were injured in this. On this, a statement was issued by the Indian Army that on 20 January there was a minor skirmish between the two forces, which was resolved by the local commanders under the protocol implemented there. Explain that after the 9th round of military talks between the two countries concluded on Sunday, the matter came to light on Monday.

The ninth round of military talks between India and China concluded on Sunday to ease tensions between the two countries on the border in eastern Ladakh. The talks, held in Moldo on the other side of the Chushul area, lasted more than 15 hours. The talks, which started at 11 am on Sunday, concluded at 2:30 am on Monday. Several rounds of talks were held in order to resolve the tension on the border, but so far no solution has been found. Earlier military talks were held on 6 November 2020.

Actually the Chinese army was trying to enter the Indian border, which was attacked by Indian soldiers stationed there to stop it. 20 Chinese soldiers and four Indian soldiers were injured in the counter-conflict. Earlier on June 15 last year, there was a violent clash between the forces of the two countries at Point 14 of Galvan Valley in East Ladakh. In this, 20 Indian soldiers including a colonel were killed. The Naku La area of ​​Ladakh also became involved in disputes between the two countries last year. From April-May last year, troops of both countries have been deployed on the border LAC. In 2017, the army of India and China were face to face in Doklam.

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