Inauguration of the new Corona from South Africa in Navi Mumbai; 3 patients found


Mumbai : UK (New Corona) followed by South Africa (South Africa) Corona has also arrived at the gates of Mumbai. Three South African corona patients have been found at the Tata Memorial in Kharghar (New Corona found in Kharghar Tata Memorial). The E484K mutation in South Africa is thought to be more dangerous than the strain in Britain. One of the three patients is from Raigad in Thane.

All three types of antibodies produced in the body of patients who have recovered from corona are not effective in fighting the virus. The number of new corona patients in the UK in the country also started increasing in India. Now a new corona from South Africa has been added. Corona from South Africa has found three patients in Mumbai. Experts at the Tata Memorial say antibodies are not effective, so there is no risk.

India is said to be the world’s hope for the corona vaccine. The corona vaccine will be given in India from January 16. Many countries are trying to get Indian vaccines. Central Asian countries, including Nepal and Sri Lanka, want the Indian vaccine. Agreements have already been reached with Myanmar and South Africa.

India has become the world’s hope for corona vaccine. Many countries are trying to get Indian vaccine. Neighboring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan are in touch with India to get corona vaccine. Myanmar and South Africa have already signed agreements with India to vaccinate against corona.

After the development of Covishield, Covacin vaccine on Corona companion, these countries are now looking to India with hope. India plans to supply large quantities of corona vaccine to Central Asian countries. These include Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan.


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