In Yet Another Gut-wrenching Case Of Animal Abuse, Man Ties Dog To His Car & Drags It Around The City | Embarrassing: The dog was tied to the car, then dragged across the city – Omg News


Note: Photos may distract you, but the truth is that such incidents have brought humanity to life.

There are reports of atrocities on unruly animals. But it is not that this news does not bother anyone. Or does not hurt anyone. This time this shameful case has come out from Kazakhstan. Here a person has executed such an inhuman incident that you will also wonder what is happening to the human being. He tied an unruly dog ​​in the back of his car and dragged it across the city.

Many injuries occurred and blood was coming out

Doggie suffered multiple injuries during the incident. Blood was coming out from many parts of his body. A video of this has also surfaced. According to India Times, this incident is being reported on January 7. This is the case of Atyrau.

A bike helped

While the car driver was carrying out the incident, a man was passing by on his bike. He first asked the car driver what he was doing. The car driver did not respond. The bikeman hit her with a lot of horn. He later stopped the car. Doggy wound up sided and walked away with the car. The bike driver said that the entire road behind was red with Doggy’s blood.

what happened then?

A group called Kind Hearts that talks about animal rights. He later brought this dog to himself. He shared this incident on social media. They told that they brought it to the clinic immediately. There he was given pain relief pills. Medicines were applied to his wounds. He had deep wounds in his hip and ribs. His front leg was also in a very bad condition. Doggy is currently undergoing treatment. At the same time, police is trying to find out about the driver.

Source images: East2West News


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