imran khan pakistan: billions of dollars of mistress saudi woman married to a Pakistani driver? Learn why Imran Khan’s joke is flying – imran khan targeted after viral video of a saudi businesswoman marrying pakistani driver surfaces



  • Strange video shared on social media
  • Saudi rich woman marries Pak driver
  • People took strong exception to Pakistani PM Imran Khan
  • Saudi’s debt of billions of dollars is returned to Pakistan

A video has recently surfaced on social media claiming that Saudi Arabian rich woman businessman has married his Pakistani driver. While people are calling it an example of love, it is also being claimed that this video is actually of an Arab wedding and it is being shared with fake messages. At the same time, after it came to light, people have started to tighten on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The video surfaced on social media claiming that the woman is Saudi’s richest businessman Sahu Bint Abdullah Al Mahboob. It is being told that Sahu has many assets including Mecca and Medina as well as hotels in France and other countries. His total assets are said to be $ 8 billion. In the video, the person she is seen engaged to is being described as her driver of Pakistani origin.

It has been described as an example of love on many social media platforms. However, the veracity of this video has not been confirmed. At the same time, it is also being claimed on many sites that this video is actually of the wedding of two billion people and the woman seen in it is not a rich businessman of Saudi.

Why is Imran on target?
At the same time, after the video surfaced, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has come under target of the people. Actually, an old picture of Imran is being shared in which he is seen driving for Saudi Prince. On this some people are saying that the fate of marrying Sahu was better, whereas Imran is now having to pay billions of dollars of Saudi debt.

Old picture of imran khan

Angry Saudi asked to repay debt
Significantly, under the economic aid package, Saudi Arabia gave Pakistan a loan of $ 6.2 billion for 3 years, which included cash assistance of $ 3 billion, while supplying oil and gas to Pakistan for the rest of the money. Had to know. But, hurt by the provocative statements of the Pakistani Foreign Minister, Saudi Arabia closed the package ending in 2021 in 2020 and asked Pakistan to repay the debt. After this, Pakistan has started repaying this debt with the help of China.


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