Has the increasing support of Rakesh Tikait increased the difficulties of the Yogi government?


  • Saroj Singh
  • BBC correspondent, Delhi

“Those who have gone back to their village in the last two days and parked their tractor there, the women of the village have thrown bangles in front of them. They are telling the men of the house, wear bangles, sitting here, your The leader is sitting there, you should have been there with him. “

At around 1.30 pm on the intervening night of 28-29 January, a farmer associated with the Indian Farmers Union on the Ghazipur border said this in support of his leader Rakesh Tikait. He reached his village on Thursday morning due to some important work. But after seeing the viral video of Rakesh Tikait on mobile, he returned to the Ghazipur dharna again.

It seemed as if on the morning of 28 January, the house space on Gazipur is going to be empty gradually. But a passionate video appeal of Rakesh Tikait seems to have overturned the whole game. By late night, the farmers started coming again once again on the Ghazipur border and the crowd on 26 January was seen again on the 29th morning.


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