Extent of toughness Dog tied to car and dragged across the city accused absconding


Reports of animal atrocities are often exposed. Many people limit cruelty. One such incident has come out from Kazakhstan. Here a man tied an unruly dog ​​to the back of his car and dragged it across the city.

In the incident, blood started coming out from the dog’s body in many places and he was badly injured. The incident is being reported on January 7 and a video has also surfaced.

Significantly, this case came to light when the car driver was carrying out the incident, and a man was passing his bike there. He first asked the car driver what he was doing, so the car driver did not respond. The bike guy gave him quite a horn. Later, he stopped the car and brutally sided the injured Doggy with shoes and walked away with the car. The bike driver said that the entire road behind was red with Doggy’s blood.

dog dragged on road

After this, Kind Heart, an organization working for the benefit of animals, brought this dog with him and informed about the incident on social media. After this, the dog’s pen killer was given and the team is busy treating him.


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