Ex Boss Did Not Accept Facebook Friend Request Man Threaten To Kill Him In North Dakota America | The old boss did not accept the friend’s request, the man came down on hooliganism – Omg News



Sounds bad doesn’t it, when send a friend request to someone and they don’t accept it! However, most people put soil on such things. But when a man living in North Dakota, US, sent a friend request to his former boss on Facebook and they did not accept his friendship request, he threatened to kill him.

To former boss Started sending Threatening messages

According to The Williston Herald report, ’29-year-old Caleb Burczyk sent a request to his old boss to become virtual friends on Christmas Eve. But the person did not get a quick response to this. He then allegedly started sending threatening messages to his X boss. One of these messages was – accept my friend request, otherwise I will kill you.

Kicked at the door of the house

When two days and even after that the friend request was not accepted, the person wrote that it is going to be ‘difficult’ now. If he sat in his truck, he would find it. Not only this, he also sent a photo of his pickup truck in the message. Allegedly, he also visited his former boss and kicked him at the door of his house.

Now there is a court appearance…

Officials said Burczyk had shared a photo of himself in a hat and vest on Snapchat, writing that the victim’s family needed a new door. According to court documents, the clothes he wore were found in surveillance footage of the former boss’s house, with a person kicking at the door. Burczyk has been charged with theft, hooliganism and terrorizing. Now he has to appear in court on January 27 to hear the charges against him.


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