Even after NDMC order, NGO has not vacated since 1998


New Delhi / Team Digital. Union of New Delhi Municipality Council (NDMC) has written a letter to Director Kalyan by the New Delhi Municipal Employees Union to vacate the house number 1 of Doctor Lane. Actually this place is illegally occupied by an NGO called Garden SOS.

While the NDMC has ordered it to vacate the place in the year 1998 itself. Surprisingly, the electricity-water bill of the NGO, which has been occupied illegally for 22 years, is being filled with the NDMC item. Due to which NDMC has so far lost crores of rupees.

Union President Sudhakar Kumar said that he has written to NDMC Director Kalyan and made him aware of this. Actually NDMC’s only property is in Doctor Lane. The garden was run by the Arya Samaj and the orphanage was run by the Garden SOS NGO in collaboration with the NDMC since 1981, but due to violation of the rules, the NDMC stopped cooperating from the year 1998 and passed the order to vacate it. Later, in the year 2003, a proposal to vacate by NDMC Regulation was also passed.

Despite this, since 1998, this place has been occupied by NGOs whose electricity and water bills are being filled by the NDMC. He said that in his letter, he demands that firstly the connection of electricity and water of this place should be cut and the process of evacuating this place should be started because it is also a direct misuse of money.


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