England Tour To India Kevin Pietersen posts Rahul Dravid tips on England batsmen how to play spin bowling


After the tour of Australia, the Indian team will take on England in the first week of February. The confidence of the Indian team will definitely be boosted after Australia lost their home ground. The former England cricketer, who warned the Indian team after the historic victory in Australia, is advising his team on how to play spin. What is special is that he has used Dravid’s email for this.

Kevin Peterson shared a copy of the email from his Twitter account. In this email, Dravid has advised Peterson on how to play spin. He is giving the same advice to the England batsmen who are touring India. In 2017, Petersen was sent an email by former India captain and promising batsman Rahul Dravid. He shared a copy of the email on Twitter. The England and Wales Cricket Board should send the email to the England openers, Peterson said in a tweet. England are currently on a tour of Sri Lanka. In the second Test, openers Dom Sibley and Jack Crowley were bowled by Sri Lankan left-arm spinner Lasith Ambuldenia. The England openers were also caught in the first Test by the same spinner.

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Both England openers have been named in the squad for the Test against India. Peterson has taken a spin on his own wickets, saying the duo need to implement Dravid’s advice to play spin. “If both the openers call me, I will share Dravid’s advice with them,” Peterson said. Crowley and Sibley should read the tips given to me by Dravid to play against the spin. “It improved my game,” Peters said.

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Kevin Peterson tweeted after the historic win against Australia. The conditions in which you played and won are admirable. You are the standard of victory. But be prepared for us coming! By saying that, we were trying to say that we are heavier than Australia.


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