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‘The politics of West Bengal seems to be getting more and more interesting and exciting day by day, but the politics of Bengal, which seemed exciting, finally reached a bloody turning point.

Mumbai, January 25: ‘In the freedom struggle, P. West Bengal, Punjab and Maharashtra were in the lead. Even today, all the three states are fighting for self-respect and the central government is standing against all the three states. Nothing of its own. He used to break up the people with whom he wanted to fight and build his army and sound the alarm as much as he could. The same thing happened to Bihar. Now W. In Bengal too, there is a struggle to break the Trinamool (turn mul congress) and win over the Trinamool. ‘

The BJP is embroiled in a controversy against the Trinamool Congress in the run-up to the West Bengal Assembly elections. Taking the side of Mamata Banerjee on this issue, Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece Dainik Saamana’s front page article has castigated BJP.

‘The politics of West Bengal seems to be getting more and more interesting and exciting day by day, but the politics of Bengal, which seems to be exciting, finally reaches a bloody turning point. The BJP has decided to spark on Hindutva issues. Otherwise, controversy would not have erupted at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s birthday party in Kolkata. While the Prime Minister was on the dais at the government function, Chief Minister Mamata stood up to speak, while the crowd chanted ‘Jai Shriram’. Mamata Banerjee was angry at this and said from the mic that it was her insult. Mamata Banerjee’s ‘Week Point’ has been identified by the Bengal BJP and will continue to be debated on such sensitive issues till the elections. We are of the opinion that Mamata should not be irritated by the slogan of ‘Jai Shriram’. On the contrary, if the tune had been mixed in their chorus, the innings would have been reversed on the front, but everyone is running after their own vote bank, ‘Sena advised Mamata Banerjee.

‘Like Tagore, the bearded Prime Minister Modi also came to Kolkata yesterday. Someone will win and someone will lose in the election. Democracy in India is not a ‘Trump impression’. Kaul has to accept this. But the aghori experiments that are done in our democracy to make Kaul turn to our side become unbearable. Like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar. BJP has started religious division in Bengal ‘, criticized the Sena.

Also, the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party have started the language of inciting violence and terrorism in Bengal. The language used in the speeches and statements of BJP state president Dilip Ghosh is not conducive to democracy. Today, Mamata Banerjee has nothing left to say in front of the Reuters building. W. The BJP has a bomb factory in Bengal and is backed by the Mamata government, the BJP’s central leadership said in Kolkata. The question then is why the Central Security Forces did not carry out raids on the bomb factories in Bengal, just as the ED and others go from state to state and carry out raids on the opposition. In the end, there should be no compromise on national security. The Sena has criticized the BJP, saying that MPs should ask the Parliament where exactly the bomb factories are and what action the Center has taken on them.

‘W. What is the reputation of His Excellency Governor of Bengal Jagdish Dhankar? What is going on in the Raj Bhavan of Maharashtra is going on more intensely in the Raj Bhavan of Kolkata. W. Governor Jagdish Dhankar has publicly accused Al Qaeda’s network of spreading rapidly in Bengal. He expressed political concern over what Mamata Banerjee’s government and administration were doing. The governor’s job is to send a report to the home department. W. Through which medium did the governor gather the details of the growing network of Al Qaeda in Bengal? If he has appointed a private body to gather information about Al Qaeda, he should discuss it with Chief Minister Banerjee. Without doing so, the governor gives this information to the media and creates fear among the people, which is not a sign of a clear mind, ‘said Tolahi Sena to BJP.

‘Trinamool Congress has split and BJP is starting mega recruitment. Forest Minister Rajeev Banerjee has resigned from Mamata’s cabinet. Earlier, two other chief ministers joined the BJP. The Trinamool Congress used to be blown up, ridiculed and the Trinamool MLAs were blown up and given BJP candidature. In 2014, the BJP split the Congress-NCP Lok Taluka in Maharashtra in the same manner and gave them candidates. Many of them were elected. In this way, the BJP inflated its numbers. What happened in Maharashtra is the same as P. It also seems to be happening in Bengal ‘, the Sena also criticized the BJP.

Published by:sachin Salve

First published:January 25, 2021 8:05 AM IS



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