Despite vaccinating 30 percent population israel is struggling to control coronavirus | Covid-19: Despite vaccination of 30% of the country’s population, Israel is unable to control Coronavirus because of this


new Delhi: In an effort to strengthen their fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic (Israel), Israel has vaccinated about 30 percent of its population. 82 percent of Israeli citizens over the age of 60 have been vaccinated. Despite this, every day in Israeli hospitals Covid-19 Cases of more contagious variants (Variant) are coming out, given that it seems that Israel’s path against Kovid is not going to be so easy.

Increased infection due to mutations

Giving information about this, the Israeli Health Minister said that this wave of Kovid-19 infection is not taking the name of reduction and the main reason is the Mutation of the virus. While most countries around the world, including Israel, are trying to control this new corona virus, the mutations in the virus every few days are making it more infectious.

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According to Israeli health officials, this new variant of the corona virus was first identified in the UK, which is 50 percent more infectious and virulent than the original corona virus. Due to the frequent mutations in this new variant and virus, the vaccination campaign has not been successful, and to control the Kovid-19, a 1-month lockdown was imposed in Israel and the closure of Israel’s national airport this week. Was lying

The vaccine is also effective against new variants

Although it is believed that Vaccine is also effective against this new variant of the corona virus, but the mutation of the virus is even more contagious which means that the number of cases of infection and hospitalized patients is even more More increase can be seen. The goal of the Israeli Ministry of Health is to reduce the number of critically ill patients so that the burden on the medical team can be reduced.

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The sooner a large population is vaccinated, the sooner the Kovid-19 will be prevented from spreading. This is why Israel has set a target to immunize people over the age of 16 by the end of March. Talking about the statistics, about 7 thousand 600 cases of Kovid-19 are still being reported daily in Israel. Although there has been some decrease in infection rate.

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